Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't pee in the YARD Brock!!!

Brock likes to pee in the grass. I am not sure why exactly, other than he is a boy and can pretty much do it wherever he pleases. I don't particularly like this "talent", but have to wonder if maybe I am just jealous that I can't just pee in the yard when I have to go. I had to write this entry because as I was coming out from the restroom I looked out the back window to see that he was once again relieving himself in the grass. I told him to wait and that would be done in a minute...but I guess he just couldn't hold it.


  1. Hell I let my 8yr old pee and poo outside but then he likes to play with it I asked him why he likes to play with it he told me he loves the way it smells then he likes put it all over his body I know this is not right but what I do about this now he likes to eat him poo and drink his pee is this really a good thing to do please give me some advice

  2. Not eat Digested Food.But its not dangerouse to drink urine.

  3. Mayby it can be hormones and he can be confused.