Saturday, August 29, 2009

We love our grandparents!

Saturday at about lunch time papa pete and grama judy came to get us to take us to Daisy Delight for lunch and then off to the fire station. After lunch the kids got ice cream. Sydney insisted she could eat the whole of this huge sundae. We all insisted she couldn't finish it, but she bet us 100 dollars that she could. Sure enough not a quarter of the way through...she anounced she was full! At that point we packed into the car and headed to the fire station where the kids got to get in the real fire trucks and meet the real fireman. Brock made sure to where his cheif fireman outfit that was a hit. After the fire station we went to papa pete's and helped him seperate his quarters by state. Surprisingly that was a blast. As I always say, we leave the grandparents feeling refreshed and full.
xoxo, Shana

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little ladies and lads..

Here are a couple pictures I got off of Savannah's teacher (Mr. Schmitz's) website. Looks like a fun group of kids, and it's so funny to see how itsy bitsy Savannah is compared to her classmates. Not just in height, but her tiny little frame. She puts a capital P on petite. Last night Savannah informed me that she will be playing the Viola in orchestra this year. She had previously been asking to play the Violin and when I asked her why she is playing the Viola instead of the Violin she responed that everyone was playing the Violin. I guess you have to appriciate her trying to be herself and not scoot along with the pack.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Super "US"

Even though I dread Monday's, I am usually pleasantly surprised how welcomed the new week is. It is the time when routine is reset and life resumes as usual. Often times weekends can be more of a fantasy world than an actual break, so I have come to the conclusion that Monday's are my new Fridays. Monday means that I have Brock, Monday means that I have a job, Monday means that Savannah is learning and Monday means family.
Tonight I made speghetti which is a favorite in my cute, litte family. I usually eat more than I should but instead of getting down on myself I just think of the jews and am thankful that I have that instead of near rotting bread and meat water.
After dinner Brock spun around his race track (kitchen and dining room) and Savannah complained that I don't have enough money. lol. Then we all let our worries aside and played a little game of "super us". I would say that Monday's are great and so are the people that I spend my Monday's with.
xoxo, Shana

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sydney Lou....this ones for you!

There’s a girl named Sydney
Who is ever so sweet
She’s friendly and sassy,
Someone you should meet.
She has long golden curls
Also big blue eyes
And a smile that’s so bright,
You just cannot deny.
She likes to pretend,
Yes it’s such fun to see
Her play with big sis,And lil brother who’s three.
When she comes to see us,We all have a good time,
You won‘t find a girl finer,Want to bet us a dime?
Grandpa Pete &Grandma JudyAugust 19, 2009

Sunshine and Savannah's

Savannah Your new hairdo looks great.

It’s quite easy to see

That you’re a class act,Exceedingly pretty.

Because beauty you know Is more than skin deep

If in a contest,You’d win with a sweep.

You’ve got the talent,And you’ve got the drive,

You think about others,Their joy to derive.

God has blessed you sweet girl,And we hope you know

He has blessed us too,As we watch you grow.

For a girl that’s just ten,Oops almost eleven,

Your grandparents say,You’re a piece of heaven.

Grandpa Pete &Grandma JudyAugust 19, 2009 

The Legend Of Samuel Brock

For those of you who follow my blog, Sam has started his own at He has some really cute stories about Brock already and is sure to keep them coming.

A grandparent's love for their little boy blue

To Samuel Brock, Our great grandson.

We are enjoying your blog, It's really fun.
To read your antics,That your parents record, Brings smiles and laughterAnd sweet accord.
We look forward to your visits, And your sisters certainly,Not to mention your mamma Our dear grandchild naturally.
May God bless you todayAnd always dear boy,That you just keep spreading Happiness and joy.
Papa PeteAnd Gramma Judy
August 19, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Goodbye 4th grade...hello 5th!

Savannah and I visited her 5th grade classroom after work today. Not only did she get the teacher she wanted, but was chosen to do safetly patrol on the first day of school! Her art teacher informed her that the few kids to perform this important duty on the first day of school were those who showed exemplary responsibility and command in 4th grade. Even though this came as no surprise to me, it was nice to see that she takes such pride and seriousness in all that she is entrusted with. I have no doubt that the rest of her life will be treated in the same manner.

Baby Birds?

Last night as I was making dinner, Brock was sneaking eggs outside and throwing them in the rocks. Instead of getting mad right off the bat, I thought I would see what he first had to say about it. When asked why he was throwing eggs in the gravel outside he responded "Mama, I just thought there were baby birds inside!" Goes to show you should ask before you respond...sometimes the scenerio is just to funny to be upset.

For dessert I made chocolate chip cookies. But Brock insisted on making kissy faces at the camera instead of showing off his cookie. He must already be aware that he has a precious pair of kissers!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Sydney got her hair done last night, and it's sooo adorable. I didn't know what I would think about it due to the fact that she has the prettiest long hair I have ever seen. A couple years ago a witch chopped it off and it has never been the same since, however, this new bob is precious and looks so great on her.

Savannah got her hair done this morning, and it also turned out super cute. It took me a little longer to get used to Vanny's bangs...but I love them now! However, on the down side for me...she looks so much OLDER! Tween days have begun.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Brocks Quirks

Brock tries to kiss Kaycee all the time because he knows she hates it. He hasn't got one yet, but looks like he is getting closer.

Here is my wonderful, special, loving sister with her sweet neice and nephew. She is the best sister, friend and aunt anyone could ever ask for.

On every trip to the gas station, Brock requests "cheesy chips" which as you can see above are Chitos. The funny thing is I don't think he even particulary likes them, but is more habit.

Brock is a good eater and will usually finish his meal of a night, but before bed he likes to have a little bowl of hotdogs. Of course he has his blankies and juice nearby to assist in leading him to shut eye mode.

Then just like clockwork...he enjoys his snack and is out. Here is a little song Sam used to sing to Brock at night.

I gotta lil boy
His eyes are blue
He already has many Nicknames, but the one his mama gave him was lil Laughy Lou,
Lada dee lada dooooo
He looks like his mama toooooo

Brock likes to use his hands when he talks and makes the funniest faces. He is very elaborate when trying to get his points across, and oh so cute.

Here he is celebrating victory after stealing his sissy's lemonaide...I don't think she really minded so much. Anything for her little bro.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brock Hawk

As I have mentioned before...Brock has mad skills on the skateboard. It is really amazing the sense of balance and movment he has already. He has always been VERY advanced with anything motor skill. He walked at 9 months which is pretty impressive, but according to Grandma Tracey, his mama had him beat at 7 months! I guess the saying "You get it from your mama" is fitting in this case, or so I'd like to think. : )

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Come one..come all... to Schaben's Fun admission

Saturday we headed down to Meta to have a fun filled day and night with my friend Sarah and her family. I had only been there one time before, but knew my kids would love it. It is like being in a totally different world out there, a world that I think I like much better. Everything is slower, funnier, fresher and realer. They have so many toys (dirt bikes, four wheelers ect) that the word bored might as well be thrown out of the dictionary. After fun in the yard, they hitched a trailer to the back of the four wheeler and we all headed down to the creek. There the kids bopped between fishing, catching crawdad's and minnos or jumping off the little bridge. There are also lots of cool rocks to be collected. After about two hours at the creek we headed back to the house where we prepared for our weenie roast. While in preparation Braden had a little accident on his dirt bike. The way the Schaben's handle accidents is truly envious, and it's no wonder their boys are as courageous and well behaved as they are. Jake ended up taking Braden in to town to the ER, and Sarah stayed behidn to carry on the festivites. There were 6 kids now to prepare the hot dogs and smores for. Sarah and I passed off the duty and the kids watched as they lay back under the stars on nicely spread out sheets. It was so wonderful. Once we were finished everyone headed inside to start winding down. Although all the kids were tuckered, they all stayed up to wait for Braden. On his way home he called and Sydney wanted to talk to him, she told him he was brave...which he is. He ended up getting 7 stiches and 7 staples on his arm, yet he said he didn't feel a thing. Dr. told him to stay off the dirt bike for 10 days, but as racing dirt bikes runs through the Schaben blood, that very well may not come through. Finally the day was done and all feel asleep hudled as young adventureours in the living room. On Sunday morning Jake made everyone biscuits and gravy and I served all the kids. I can honestly say I had a completley fulfilling weekend, and am looking forward to more trips to the Schaben Fun Farm!!