Friday, July 31, 2009


We went over to my gradma and grandpa's on Wednesday night. Grandpa wanted deep dish pizza, so that is what we had and it was soooo good! Here is a picture of Brock and my grandpa feeding the fish. The funny thing is the only "fish" in there is a plico and they eat algae, not actual food. But it's fun, so what of it.
Brock woke up the other day and he didn't want to change his shirt because it was a Tony Hawk shirt. So I told him all his shirts were Tony Hawk shirts. Out he came with three shirts he insisted on wearing because they were all Tony Hawk shirts. I am sure his babysitter thought I was crazy for letting him go like that, but childhood doesn't last forever and I encourage quarkiness and free thinking. Also, he confessed he was now a Cardinals fan.

Brock has been potty trained for quite sometime, however, the popping has been another issue. Accidents are frequent and he pretty much refused to go on the toilet. The other day he came and got me and told me he had to poop and wanted to go on the pot because he was ready to go to school. So he did! He refused to put the lid down though, and that can not have been comfortable. Because he proved himself to be such a big boy, he will be enrolled at the Montessori school to begin this fall. Another milestone down, so many to go.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brock at the sitters...

Brock has been going to mama Isabel's house since he was seven weeks old. The family is from Chile and speaks little to no english. You would think this would be a problem, but surprisingly enough it has not been. I guess it doesn't hurt that one of my spanish speaking friends sends her son there aswell and can translate the harder stuff. But they are just wonderful and have loved Brock like a son. Brock is also fluent in spanish, which is really neat. He generally doesn't speak much spanish at home, but you should hear him roll his r's on some of the words he says. So funny! Starting in September, Brock will begining his days at the Montessori school, but will continue to go to Isabel's when the school is out. We have been blessed to find such sweet and loving people to instill some of the most important things in Brock while at work. He will miss them greatly I am sure, but is ready to dive into the wide world of schooling!
These pictures were off of Isabel's facebook.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tonight's Attractions!

Brock lovin' on his sweet sweet!
Brock post pudding pop.

Savannah was very proud of herself for her hair creation that she got off the American Girl site.

Popscicles on the back porch!

Just another mundane day, or is it?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Get Wet!!!

Savannah on My mom and Step Dad's boat.
Savannah posin'.

Savannah, Kaycee and Ashley's boyfriend Tim on the tube thingy.

Not very close, but I am on this one!

Me, Savannah, and my sisters Kaycee and Ashley.
Savannah has been at my mom and step dad's lake house since yesterday, so Ashley and her boyfriend Tim picked me up at about noon to head down. We were out on the boat for a little over an hour and I got a lot of sun because it was my first time in the sun this summer really. I had so much fun on the tube, but it was scary at the same time. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Then we went back and Mike cooked us some good grub on the grill and we all sat around and enjoyed good conversation, lots of laughing! Savannah was thrilled at the stories Ashley and I were telling of our childhood and didn't want us to stop. I may not have gone to church today, but God was present with my family. Such a good time.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Video killed the radio star...

Here are two cute videos I had on my computer. The first is Savannah singing while distracted with a house full of guests. The second is Brock getting his fireman outfit on Valentines day. Enjoy!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Chicken Parm, Skateboards and Fishing Worms...

One of my favorite things to do is to visit my Grandpa Pete and Grandma Judy. We always cook a delicious meal and enjoy the wonderful company. I decided I wanted to cook them chicken parmisean this visit and it turned out so YuMMY! During this visit only Brock and I came. Everyone else had other plans, but it gave the grandparents great one and one time with him.

My grandpa is so precious is so many ways, and I will post about him sepratley soon, but he goes to garage sales to get toys for Brock to play with when he comes over. I mean how cute is that?!
So they played rock, paper, scissors, Brock showed off his skateboard skills, and grandpa playfully tried to get his "fishing worm". I always, always leave there with a sense that the world is still good and that family is truly the key to happiness.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Samuel Brock cont...

He also wanted to wear his favorite teams gear to show them homeage. As you can see in the pictures..Brock likes to play the harmonica, and he is actually pretty darn good at it. He used to carry it around with him. In fact he has carried a lot of things around with him over the years. He still has his two blue blankies that are never far from reach. He has toted a little green bible given to him by his Chilean babysitter Isabel. A full size skateboard which his skills are truly impressive for a three year old, and of course the numerous ball, bats, tractors and hats that he could muster up the muscles to carry. He is so talented already at everything he tries, I can't yet imagine what his activity of choice will be in the future.


Samuel "Brock" Alexander....FOR THREE!!

Brock turned three on April 14th, but since I didn't have my blog at that time. Here are a few of my favorites from his three year photo shoot. I can't wait until I can get a go-go-gadget camera to call my very own! On a side posts seem to show the time as being two hours earlier than they really are....wacky.


Franklin is our water turtle. But he is so much more than just that! Poor little Franklin spends most of his days in a little aquarium waiting for someone to come home. When you walk by his humble home he seriously gets so excited and starts kicking a flailing his little arms and legs. He knows he is either going to be fed, or even better be let out to his posh and personal pond. However, this sweet little turtle has had to have little turle dreams about that pond since Saturday, or more specifically, since Brock PEED in his pond. I have not gotten around to changing the water since then. Tonight, Matt and I are flying solo so after grocery shopping and eating at the new sushi resturant in town, we finally go to it. I think he was a little pissed that I took him out directly for a little photo shoot, because I swear he was hopping to get away.
Speaking of sushi. I have been waiting for the day that Jeff City opened it's stuffy and political mind enough to welcome a cultural favorite. I love sushi. I love the smell the taste and everything it represents. The resturant was nicely decorated and the sushi chefs at the sushi bar were friendly and fast. I would highl recommend giving it a try.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My buddy and me!

There I go again with my "trickery"! In exchange for an intense basketball game in the yard, I got Brock to take a few pictures...even a few with his sweet Mommy! That leads me to another thing I tend to do. When my kids do something less than pleasing, I explain what it was and ask them to recite "yes, sweet mommy". I know, I is pathetic, but it just has such a nice ring to it.
Camera: I need a new one. In fact I lost mine about a year ago and have been using Savannah's ever since. I want a nice know the ones that almost do the work for you because they have a magical way of moving and placing just the right light? That is the kind I will get. I have very few physical wants in life...a vintage VW covertable bug, a nice camera, wardrobe refreshers twice a year and my hair done twice a year...that's all folks. I just heard Brock asking for a green papa sicle....good thing they are sugar free. We just played another "intense" game of tennis with ping pong rackets and I must admit I am scared when Brock serves...he really serves it.
My mom, little sister and a few of her friends came by tonight. Short visit but always pleasant. I am taking a particular fondess toward my sister Kaycee as she gets older. I would have given her her very own entry but she refused to take a picture with me. She just got done jogging and didn't think she looked presentable enough...I don't know about you but at 14 years old you are pretty much presentalbe all the time. Oh the youth! I wish I had a bottle of that to sip on, guess vodka will have to do in the mean time.

I'm Tricky!

I am starting to feel bad about my "tricky" tacticts that I use with Brock. Especially because of the fact that he is starting to figure me out. For instance if I have to go to the grocery store real quick and he wants to ride in the race car cart, I always tell him they are in the garage for repairs. Or when I am too tired to go to the park for the fifth night in a row I tell him the park is closed, little things like that. Why do I feel bad? I guess in part because I should push him in the race car even for just a few minutes or I should take him to the park even when I am beat. It is hard sometimes to be everything to everyone...but I sure want to try my hardest to be that to my kids.

On a side note....notice the orb in the picture above? I took one of him right before this and nothing was there...the house is over 100 years old...who knows?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

These eyes...

These eyes are kind....
These eyes are curious...
These eyes are smart beyond their years....

Savannah, oh Savannah...where to begin. This soul is in the world for a BIG purpose, one that will become apparent to her in the coming years. Of course my hopes for her consist of passing out shoes to the homeless, or showing compassion to the common man, but who am I to make wishes? This little lady is so magnetic in everything she does, whether it be to pout, to love, to recognize, or to argue....that all that are around her pay attention. She doesn't demand attention, but earns it. She is more intuitive than I would ever guess a child of ten to be, and while I am proud of that, I hope that I can help her hone it as well.

The nervousness that surrounds me regarding my beautiful daughter is immense. She does not show any signs of becoming wayward, but I know what this world will do to an adventurous and strong soul. As of now she is the gestapo, the supervisor and the matriarch, and has been lovingly referred to by even the common passerbyer. She is business savy and keeps up on all things that should be in check. But what will happen when the bad souls expose their selves in middle and high school? Will she hold her ground like a mighty oak, or cave like an aged mine? All of these things occupy my head...but only one thing is certain...I was blessed by God to guide her, and her journey will be colorful because she is.

Want some sass with those pants?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Pitter-Pat of the keyboard

Just as I expected, the sound of me typing the last post sent my little man to dream land. And they say technology is a bad thing! It is so funny how he can go from 100 to zero in a matter of seconds though. There is no "winding down" time for this one, he simply runs out of gas at the last moment. Savannah on the other hand has to have her back rubbed and the setting just right, quite the difference in preferance and just a few things that make my kids unique.

Mono Moressori

Tonight we played soccer....

At this school.....

But contrary to the tittle, this school is not called Mono Moressori. Brock calls it that, so the rest of us do also. I wanted to blog a bit about how much fun it was, but now Brock is begging me to come outside and play tractors with him. I told him the sun was getting ready to go to bed, which I wish it was, but he can clearly see it is still light out and he looks at me like I am crazy. Now he just climbed up on the couch with me and seems facinated watching me type...but his head is on my left arm so it is getting harder to type with that hand.

Anyways, tonight we had yummy grilled hamburgers and then we walked to Moreau Montessori to play soccer. The weather was still very pleasant, but there is obvious signs of rain. Brock was super amuzing when he tried to catch a little yellow butterfly, or sulfer if you want to get technical. Then we walked home on the street behing our house and marvled at some of the gorgeous old houses. I am tired and ready for bed, but I don't think my little guy is yet.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Three's Company?

My three kiddos are so great, so great in fact that sometimes I forget to be overwhelmed with the fact that having three kids is A LOT of work! It is so funny how they all interact, and even funnier how they seem to be able to produce as much noise and chaos as a gang of wild, drunk football fans. With that said they can also produce as much love and wonderment as a band of heavens angles. So I will stick with that scenario when I finally get to sit down and rest after 15 hours each day and reflect. My days would not be worth being awake and alive if it were not for the blessings I received everyday from these three.

By the rivers side...

Today Savannah, Sydney, Brock, and I went to Riverside park to play in the unusually mild temperatures for this time of year. Aunt Ashy and Uncle Tim came down also with their dogs Gypsy and Rosco. After that we went by McD's for some soothing and cool ice cream sundaes. As a great surprise, as I am typing this, Savannah is giving my car what I would consider a detail job. Although she's known for not keeping up with her own room, she will take on jobs that I myself dispise. Also, today I had to clean out Franklin's (our little water turle) pond because Sydney coxed Brock into peeing in it!