Thursday, January 7, 2010


After a wonderful, but uncommonly swift Christmas Eve with the grandparents, the kids and I traveled home to get settled in for Santa's arrival. At about 6 a.m. I woke up to get everything glistening and melodic, then went upstairs to wake up two of my three sweethearts. They rushed downstairs and I was so thankful at their response to what was left for them. Savannah especially was pleased, because she did not expect much this year. I had bought her a phone she wanted the month before as one of her Christmas gifts, and made her understand that meant she would not have as much to open Christmas morning. But being the trickster that I am, I pulled a fast one on her! She had plenty to open, including the special colloge I lovingly made for her.

When we were all done with our presents it was time to go to Grandma Tracey's..this is always exciting as they have a deliciuos breakfast and mom always has everything so pretty with lots of great gifts..only one problem...THE SNOW!!! It was finally arranged that Ashley's boyfriend Tim would pick us up a few hours later and we would head out in the Surburban..once he arrived we all jumped in, scooped up Grandma Joyce and were on our way to the country Christmas that awiated us. I had a great time with my two sisters and the kids were again joyous and thankful for their gifts. However, with my situation, there is a tight schedule to be kept. We met Brett and Sydney at my house to exchange gifts. She was with us the night before, and that is always such a blessing. We had a great time watching old movies of the girls on Brett's camcorder that he hooked up to the TV...and then it was time for them to go to his moms. So all and all, Christmas again crept up and left me blissful, thankful, and pleased.

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